Airway system biomarkers and tools (CT)

Through participation in large scale European projects, public private collaborations and bilateral research agreements with leading research organisations, we can provide services in a wide range of quantitative analysis problems, supporting population and clinical research.

Examples of quantitative imaging biomarkers and tools include:

  • Lung segmentation
  • Airway segmentation
  • Vessel segmentation
  • Motion analysis
  • Emphysema quantification

Scientific references

Many of these biomarkers have been documented in peer reviewed papers, thoroughly validated, and applied in the context of population and clinical imaging studies.

  • P. Lo et al., Vessel-guided airway tree segmentation: A voxel classification approach, Medical Image Analysis, 2010
  • N. Baka et al., Respiratory motion estimation in X-ray angiography for improved guidance during coronary interventions, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2015
  • L. Sorensen et al., Quantitative analysis of pulmonary emphysema using local binary patterns., IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2010
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