Neuro biomarkers and tools (MRI)

Through participation in large scale European projects, public private collaborations and bilateral research agreements with leading research organisations, we can provide services in a wide range of quantitative analysis problems in the neuro domain, supporting population and clinical research in e.g. dementia and other neurological diseases.

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Examples of quantitative imaging biomarkers and tools include:

  • Quantification of brain tissue and CSF volumes
  • Quantification of brain lobe volumes
  • Quantification of white matter hyperintensities
  • Microbleed detection
  • Detection of enlarged Virchow Robin spaces
  • Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL-MRI) based cerebral blood flow measurements
  • Analysis of DW-MRI measures
  • Automatic tract segmentation in DW-MRI
  • Structural connectivity mapping (DW-MRI)
  • Functional connectivity mapping ((resting state) fMRI)
  • Segmentation of neurostructures
  • Shape analysis of neurostructures



Scientific references

Many of these biomarkers have been documented in peer reviewed papers, thoroughly validated, and applied in the context of population and clinical imaging studies.

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