Oncology biomarkers and tools (MR, CT)

Through participation in large scale European projects, public private collaborations and bilateral research agreements with leading research organisations, we can provide services in a wide range of quantitative analysis problems, supporting population and clinical research.

Examples of quantitative imaging biomarkers and tools include:

  • Segmenting structures in Head & Neck region (radiotherapy/hyperthermia planning)
  • Liver tumors
  • Quantification Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI parameters
  • Mapping ADC (Apparent Diffusion Coefficient) in the liver (MRI)

Scientific references

Many of these biomarkers have been documented in peer reviewed papers, thoroughly validated, and applied in the context of population and clinical imaging studies.

  • V Fortunati et al., Automatic tissue segmentation of head and neck MR images for hyperthermia treatment planning, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2015
  • C. Luu et al., Non-Rigid Registration of Liver CT Images for CT-Guided Ablation of Liver Tumors, PLoS ONE, 2016
  • J. Haeck et al., Optimized time-resolved imaging of contract kinetics (TRICKS) in dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI after peptide receptor radionuclide therapy in small animal tumor models, Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging, 2015
  • H. Ragheb et al., The accuracy of ADC measurements in liver is improved by a tailored and computationally efficient local-rigid registration algorithm, PLoS ONE, 2015
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