Growth Marketing Manager

At Quantib we come to work every day to solve the radiologist’s hardest challenges and to make sure they can spend their time in the most valuable way. Medical images enclose secrets about diseases we wish to unravel just as much as physicians do. Our aim is to support radiologists by providing them with fast and accurate AI powered software, which will enable them to become more accurate and faster. If you’re excited about moving healthcare forward using artificial intelligence, we’d love for you to join us.

Quantib isn’t the kind of place where you work on your own little project without connecting to your colleagues. We are a tight team offering each other unconditional support. With a scale-up size (45 people and counting) we hold high a very inclusive, international, adaptable and collaborative tech culture.

Your goal

Your core goal is to build brand awareness and to increase the amount of quality leads we get through strong online efforts. Our educational content published on our website and on social media can use a bit of help from a smart growth marketer who knows how to increase website traffic from the right target audience. A growth mindset eager to experiment with SEA, paid social, and email marketing will be one of your main assets to get this job done. Keeping our website going and turning it into a lubricated lead generating machine is part of your responsibilities as well.

Your responsibilities

  • Generate quality leads through growth marketing campaigns utilizing SEA, paid social and email marketing and any out-of-the-box channels that you think can take off in a healthcare B2B setting.
  • Increase our online traffic originating from paid online campaigns.
  • Research and test new online channels for their worth to our marketing strategy (i.e. can they increase our brand awareness? And can they get us those quality leads?)
  • Optimize our website for lead generation. Make those forms top notch, improve our landing pages, optimize our site map, if it can get more online leads into our system, let’s try it out!
  • Optimize our marketing automation to keep everything running smoothly in the backend.
  • Stay up to day on the latest growth marketing tools and keep innovating Quantib’s growth marketing approach
  • Goes without saying, a budget has been set apart for you to work with for ad campaigns and any software you need to support your goal.

Your key competencies

  • T-shaped, you’ve got a broad knowledge on a wide range of marketing skills, from web analytics to automation and retention. Among those, conversion rate optimization, funnel marketing and SEA are areas in which you know you can shine.
  • Test-test-test, you know how Socrates said that you know nothing for sure except that you know nothing for sure? Well we like to add to that “and what we’ve tested”. Hence, a love of testing comes in handy for this job!
  • Self-starter and responsible, you come up with creative ideas, figure out which are most relevant and most promising and you are eager to implement those yourself, you are determined to make a plan, implement and deliver great quality work beyond expectations.
  • Analytical animal, oh boy do you love those numbers telling you exactly what works best and how we can steer towards optimal online performance.
  • Integrate, you’re okay to work independently, but if you need input from other people, you make sure to involve them in the process.
  • Intrinsically motivated to change healthcare through AI (i.e. find what we do really cool) and curious to learn more about this industry.
  • Commercially aware (seek commercial opportunities), but true to your values. While implementing new marketing initiatives you have our commercial goals in mind and proactively assess and spot new marketing opportunities, but you don’t put your values aside.

Just a few other requirements…

  • A BSc or MSc degree in a relevant discipline or evidently enough experience in a relevant role.
  • 3+ years experience in growth marketing. 
  • Affinity with healthcare and some tech geekiness is a plus.
  • Excellent command of English, both in speech and writing.
  • Advanced-level skills in using and navigating Google Ads, LinkedIn Campaign manager, experience with Hubspot is a plus.
  • A Dutch or EU working permit. 

…and what will we offer you?

  • You will be working in a dynamic and highly qualified team of 45, a lively mix of R&D engineers, AI specialists, combined with commercial and quality staff and clinicians who walk in and out to support us with their medical know-how.
  • Our team will coach you in an agile environment, involving you in stand-ups and sprint reviews.
  • You will have flexibility in working hours and the possibility to work partly from home
  • Next to learning on the job, there is room for training to bring your skills to a next professional level.
  • Free team lunches when at the office!

We are looking for someone complementing our current team rather than just fitting in with the crowd. So if you have any other fantastic skills we haven’t thought of yet, but which will definitely help Quantib grow and change the world of healthcare, please include them in your cover letter, which you can upload below together with your CV.

For more information you can also email Ory Six, our Marketing Director:

Recruitment by commercial agencies in relation to this or other vacancies is not appreciated.