Cameron Diou

Service & Installation Engineer

Cameron joined Quantib in February 2023 as part of our Intallation and Service team. As such, he will work in the installation and updates of the different Quantib products.

Cameron has a degree in Computer Information Technology from TCU that he uses as his foundation as a Linux Engineer. He started using Linux back in 2009 with Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) to host his first websites along with game servers for friends. He found the concepts of networking and administrating servers to be fun and enjoyable enough to turn it into his fulltime career. When he was 20 ran a start up called Sheepdog Technologies where his company was partnered with Google on their Glass program to develop new experiences on an experimental hardware device. His company ran for three years before moving on to newer ventures, but he still is proud of all the accomplishments from his time as CEO.  

He is currently based in a small town in Nothern Oregon and spends most of his free time working with technology or with his wife Rose and their two dogs and two cats.