Caroline Witstok

Assistant R&D Engineer

After graduating from Delft University of Technology with a Bachelor in Clinical Technology in 2021 and after completing her first year of the Master's programme Technical Medicine, Caroline joined Quantib as an Assistant R&D Engineer.

She looks forward to putting her acquired knowledge into practice during her work at Quantib. Moreover, she is happy to experience working at a company in this new and enlarging (and very interesting) field of science!

Once she finishes her Master's programme, she will also experience what a Technical Clinician can do in the hospital, so working at Quantib can provide a lot of new knowledge and give her the opportunity to experience both worlds by getting good insights into the company life in the MedTech world.

Besides studying and working, she plays softball since she was very young. She also enjoys cooking and baking for friends and family, and specifically, trying new foods, recipes and drinks. Furthermore, in her free time, she likes to go on road trips to visit new places.