Felix Leufkens

Junior R&D Engineer

Felix joined Quantib in 2023 as a Junior R&D Engineer. His passion for bèta & life sciences made him pursue a joint Bachelor’s degree in Nanobiology at TU Delft and Erasmus MC, followed by a Master’s Degree in Medical Imaging at Utrecht University.

As a final part of his studies, he did an internship at Circle Cardiovascular Imaging (Calgary, Canada) where he focused on dealing with inhomogeneities in label accuracy of different datasets for deep learning models for left heart segmentation.

In his free time, he loves practicing sports. He used to always play tennis, which turned into running and bouldering during Covid times. Furthermore, he’s very passionate about music and playing the piano himself (mostly minimal). Finally, he’s an avid fan of games, and generally plays Bridge once or twice a week in Kralingen.