Jim Tol

Senior Research & Development Engineer

Jim started working as a research and development engineer at Quantib in December 2017. After finishing a Bachelor’s in theoretical physics and a Master’s in biomedical physics (Cum Laude), Jim worked at the department of radiation oncology of the VU University Medical Center from 2012 to 2016 towards obtaining a PhD. This degree encompassed the development and clinical evaluation of automated radiotherapy treatment planning strategies for breast and head and neck cancer patients. After staying on as a postdoctoral researcher for another year at the same department, Jim decided to pursue new challenges in the field of medical image analysis.

When not at the office Jim is a sports enthusiast mainly dedicated to martial arts. Apart from improving his boxing skills, he is always ready to discover new places in the world and indulge in other cultures, including sampling the local dishes and being the rising star at a local karaoke bar.



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