Jolanta Leonaite

Business Development and Marketing Manager

Jolanta joined Quantib in 2018 as their Business Development and Marketing Manager to represent the company’s products and services, conduct product demos and meet with potential customers, generate, qualify and follow up leads, build relationships. She also works with channel partners to create a value proposition in the AI marketplaces & platforms.

Jolanta earned her Bachelors of Arts in Law and Business from the Middlesex University in London and Bachelors of Arts in Public Administration from Mykolas Römeris University in Vilnius. Her diverse experience includes curating and delivering science sessions at the World Economic Forum (WEF), content design and development at advisory firm and project and stakeholder management at Swiss design and architecture company. 

In her free time, Jolanta likes to travel and interior design. 

JL RSNA 2019 - Copy

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