Lizette Heine

Director of Clinical Science

Lizette joined Quantib in August 2021 as a Global Clinical Scientist to support our research venues. Her background in Neuroscience is ample and international as she has studied and worked in many different countries during her life. 

She got her Master's degree in Neuropsychology at Maastricht University and one of her semeters at the University of Warsaw in Poland. After that, she did her Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences at Liège University in Belgium and during this period, she also spent some time in Hangzhou normal University in China. She has further held postdoctoral positions at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center in France. Besides that, she has also worked working as a scientific project manager at the Radboudumc before joining Quantib. 

Her research career has been focused on the clinical questions related to the diagnosis and care of severely brain damaged patients which she is excited to translate into her work at Quantib. 

In her free time she likes to enjoy life through cooking, baking, traveling, and doing karate.