Melisa Kristina

Junior Software Engineer

Melisa joined Quantib in March 2022 as a Junior Software Engineer. She is originally from Indonesia but she moved to the Netherlands a couple of years ago. She has an unconventional background among other engineers at Quantib because she studied Accounting. She was a teacher for a few years before she finally decided to switch careers and learn programming all by herself.

She made the switch because she has always liked creating things and she enjoys the endless possibility to keep learning since technology keeps evolving. She has ample experience as a developer, from working at FinTech, Edtech, to software companies for the oil and gas industry.

She might not have a STEM educational background, but aside from reading philosophy and fantasy, she also enjoys reading about pop-science too, that's why she was so excited to join Quantib because she always wanted to do something sciency! Besides that, she believes doing meaningful work in relevant industries like healthcare will make her happy.

In her free time, Melisa likes to walk in nature with her partner and her dog, play video and board games, paint, and play musical instruments.