Valerio Fortunati

Principal Research & Development Engineer

Valerio joined Quantib in January 2015 as an R&D engineer focused on brain image analysis using machine learning and deep learning. He completed both is BSc an MSc in Rome where he focused his projects on image analysis. As part of his Master’s he spent a year in Groningen where he started to fall in love with the "Dutch way of life".

Afterwards he moved to Rotterdam to do a PhD at the Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam. He worked on a project named "Hyperthermia treatment planning for head and neck cancer: improving patient models using advanced MRI characteristics" where he focused on translational research very close to the clinical workflow. This project won the Simon Stevin Gezel Prize in 2016, especially for the contribution to the clinic. In fact, during the project he developed a software device that is in use now for Hyperthermia treatment planning. This device automatically builds patient-models from CT images used to for Hyperthermia treatment planning.

When not at the office, Valerio takes part in karate matches and is very involved with the Italian cooking at home (of which he shares the results with his colleagues every Monday, creating a very happy Quantib team).


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