Image reading

Are you part of an organization, company or institution that needs to read and/or analyze a lot of images?

Would you like your team to do this more accurately, faster and in a more consistent and structured way?

Then we have solutions for you.

Many institutions and companies face tough challenges in improving structured reporting of images. There is not only some variability in expert reading itself, but also quite some variation in daily routines if there is no good quality system present. In our practice we encountered these issues again and again when reading very large databases (thousands of scans) for clients and we have come up with very rewarding solutions.

We identify three major issues that you could face:

  • How to make sure there is consistency across multiple readers/specialists?

  • How to obtain highest possible accuracy at acceptable cost?

  • How to increase throughput speed while maintaining accuracy and consistency?


As a company we focus on developing very advanced software that extracts “hidden” information from images. In this proces, we found that for most clients there is an even greater need to focus on the above issues first. Advanced analytics can help improve the quality of the reporting and it can add great value. It is, however, not useful (yet) for all routine reading of images.

Quantib has therefore formed a unique 5-step approach to help you implement improvements on above three issues for almost every routine reading situation. Using software can certainly be part of this approach, but it is not the whole picture.

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