We believe in pushing advanced technology forward to create new standards for image-based care

Analyzing medical images is an art and a science

Our goal is to give radiologists the best radiology software tools to help deliver fast, objective, accurate and insightful reports

At Quantib we come to work every day to solve the radiologist’s hardest challenges and to make sure they can spend their time in the most valuable way. Medical images enclose secrets about diseases we wish to unravel just as much as physicians do. Therefore, we aim to develop medical image analysis software that pushes the boundaries of manual analysis. It should be fast, it should be accurate, it should be able to detect abnormalities you can’t see with the naked eye.

We want to lift some weight off the physician’s shoulders, doing the time consuming, uninspiring data analyzing for them. Think of white matter hyperintensities getting segmented for you, but not without you checking whether the computer was right and having the opportunity of correcting. With our radiology software, we also want to make all the information captured in medical images available to radiologists, so they can detect diseases before symptoms start showing. Imagine being able to identify specific brain tumors months before you were able to catch them with the naked eye.

At Quantib we are excited about this future and determined to make it happen.

Our way of working

Quantib develops certified medical software which can be used in the clinic. Therefore, a software development process is in place according to the latest guidelines. Methods such as scrum and agile, test-driven development and code review are used to deliver software of the highest quality. Quantib works under an EN-ISO13485:2012 certified QMS and has implemented software development in accordance with EN-IEC 62304:2006.

certified medical software for use in the clinic

Our Team

The Quantib leadership team combines strong professionalism with boundless enthusiasm. With strong backgrounds in research, health tech industry and global management in the medical field, the team is highly competent for setting Quantib up for success.

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Quantib Team


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