Your indispensable tool for atrophy quantification

Quantib™ ND* is our CE marked solution offering fast and accurate automated brain tissue segmentation

Based on the Myrian® platform Quantib™ ND provides a user-friendly general work station including a variety of MRI brain scan analyses

*Currently not for sale for clinical use in the US. 

Accelerated Workflow Icon

Accelerated Workflow

Pre-processing will automatically start after sending the scan to the workstation to ensure the images are analyzed when you are ready to review.

Accurate Quantification Icon

Accurate Quantification

Quantified segmentation results of brain volumes covering total brain and CSF, are presented in an easy to read table and visualized with color coded overlays on an anatomical map. 

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Elaborate Reporting

Examination results can be downloaded as a comprehensive report including self-selected cross-sections and personal comments.


Be able to share all your examination results instantly

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Accelerated and more accurate dementia diagnosis

Automatic brain tissue segmentation provides fast insight in the possible presence of atrophy related to Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia, supporting more accurate diagnosis. The available reference centile curves derived from the population-based Rotterdam Scan Study enable accurate detection and staging of atrophy.


Brain atrophy tracking over time


Longitudinal analysis of MRI brain scans allows for tracking of neuro degeneration over time. Based on T1w scans Quantib™ ND will be able to process scans from subsequent timepoints and compare quantified volumes of different brain tissue and CSF.

MS lesion detection
and tracking

Automatic assessment of white matter hyperintensity development supports easy and fast monitoring of MS patients. We are working on future versions of Quantib™ ND which will distinguish between new and previously identified WMHs, providing an intuitive visualization with color-coded lesions super positioned on an anatomical map.

The results table presents quantified brain volumes

Quantib™ ND offers a table presenting a clear overview including volumes of ICV, CSF and Total Brain Volume, as well als lobes and hippocampus. Results supported with self-selected cross-sections can be exported to a comprehensive report.

Quantib ND Results Table

Multiple orientations are included in standard screen

Next to an axial and sagittal orientation, Quantib™ ND presents a coronal view in its standard visualization screen. As all viewports are customizable and linked, the user can easily navigate through the images and select cross-sections to export to the report.

Curious for more detailed information on Quantib™ ND?

We are happy to schedule a call and give you the full tour of all that Quantib™ ND offers during a video conference.

Automatic Analysis of Brain Tissue and Structural Connectivity in MRI

Dive into the method behind the product

"Automatic Analysis of Brain Tissue and Structural Connectivity in MRI", Renske de Boer's thesis, written at Erasmus University Rotterdam, describes the starting point of our QuantibTM Brain and QuantibTM ND products.

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Sample Report

Sample Report

After analysis QuantibTM ND allows you to download an insightful report with a brief overview of quantified results, optional self-selected cross-sections and personal comments.

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