Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


Quantib® Prostate

QPR thumbnail resource pageThe FDA cleared zero-footprint artificial intelligence-based software provides a workflow for the detection of abnormalities on MRI prostate scans.

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QND thumbnail resource pageThe FDA cleared and CE marked solution offering automated segmentation of brain structures and white matter hyperintensities.

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quantib-brain-resourceQuantib® Brain is the FDA cleared and CE marked radiology software solution for brain scan segmentation and is available through GE Healthcare.

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Research & Development


Research projects with other institutions of the medical field allow us to advance what's most important for us: patient care. 

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At Quantib, we are focused on improving patient care by bringing artificial intelligence (AI) into clinical practice.

Started in 2012 as a spin-out from Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, Quantib now has AI partnerships with the three largest academic hospitals in the Netherlands and with hospitals and private providers internationally.


The Ultimate Guide to AI in Prostate Cancer

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How does artificial intelligence work? What are promising AI applications in the prostate cancer pathway? Which solutions are available now?

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The Ultimate Guide to AI in Radiology

190520 - Ultimate guide to AI in radiology

What is artificial intelligence? How can AI help the radiologist? Which solutions are available now? How to implement Ai into clinical practice?

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Learn more about Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 

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Watch our video resources with the top leading experts discussing challenges and opportunities in radiology and how AI-powered tools can support the radiologists in their daily clinical workflow.