Developing clinically relevant medical image analysis software based on outstanding academic research

Our focus

Our current development work focuses on building an exhaustive medical image analysis software suite for prostate and neurodegenerative diseases. This includes a range of relevant biomarkers for neurovascular and neuro-oncological conditions.

Additionally, we are working on multiple products in the realm of oncology. 


CASE logo transparant CASE Project

Within the scope of the CASE project Quantib, supported by QMENTA, will work on an advanced decision support system for stroke. The aim is to optimize clinical decision-making by supporting accurate diagnosis of ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke in the acute stage with the assistance of deep learning healthcare software.

ImProVas Quantib logo IMPROVAS Project

The ImProVas project focuses on optimizing the use of MR brain imaging data in VCI by investigating methods for automatic quantification of biomarkers for VCI and developing prognostic methods utilizing these biomarkers. 


ACCURATE Quantib Logo-2 ACCURATE Project

In the setting of acute stroke, treatment selection can be optimized using important information based on CTA imaging data. The ACCURATE project aims to develop and validate methods for the automated analysis of CTA data acquired in acute stroke phase, and determine the added value of such analyses for treatment selection support.

ImProVas Quantib logo ID-PROSTATE Project

The ID-PROSTATE Project focuses on the further improvement and acceleration of Quantib's AI-enhanced integrated diagnostic solution for the detection of potential tumors and workflow optimization involving urologists, radiologists and pathologists.


CASE logo transparant B-Q Minded

B-Q MINDED is a collaboration of strong industry partners and hospitals, which aims to develop faster Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Q-MRI) technology and accelerating it for use in routine clinical practice. 

Continuous improvement of Quantib® ND 

The feature portfolio of Quantib® ND has recently been extended with white matter hyperintensity detection, reference centile curves for brain volumes and follow-up functionalities. 

To further improve the performance of our medical image analysis software we are actively gathering and processing customer feedback. Do you want to learn more about the current functionalities? 

Quantib ND Plus white matter hyperintensity detection

Continuous improvement of Quantib® Prostate

We are committed to developing an AI software solution to support radiologist when reading Prostate MRIs in order to improve the clinical pathway of prostate cancer (PCa).

We actively gather and implement customer feedback in order to further improve the performance of our medical image analysis software.

Do you want to know which specific functionalities does Quantib® Prostate have? 

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