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Focus of current development

Our current development work focuses on building an exhaustive neuro suite offering a complete package of neuroradiology solutions. This includes a range of relevant biomarkers for neurovascular and neuro-oncological conditions. 

Quantib™ ND expansion

Next to the current functionalities of Quantib™ ND, which offer accurate segmentation of various brain tissues, we are working on longitudinal analysis, white matter hyper-intensity detection and segmentation of lobes and hippocampus. Also normative reference curves for brain volumes will be included in the future.
Release of the next Quantib™ ND version is expected in Q2 2018. 

Curious for more detailed information on Quantib™ ND?

We are happy to schedule a call and give you the full tour of all that Quantib™ ND offers during a video conference.


QuantibTM Brain

QuantibTM Brain provides white matter hyperintensity and brain tissue quantification. It offers a tool to objectively assess brain changes in longitudinal exams in neurodegenerative disease.

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Sample Report

QuantibTM Brain Report

QuantibTM Brain allows you to download the examination results in a comprehensive report including self-selected cross-sections and personal comments.

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