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September is...


Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

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Read this guide to discover all the different ways in which AI can be used in the clinical pathway of Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer and AI

World Alzheimer's Month

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Read this article and get to know all the AI developments and other technology that can be used in the diagnosis of Dementia or as support for those who suffer from it

Dementia and AI

Our AI Radiology Software

Our AI solutions are FDA-cleared, CE-marked and vendor neutral. Their easy integration with PACS makes them integrate seamlessly into radiologists' workflows. 



Quantib® Prostate

QPR 3.1 - PSAD step (fitted to screen)

The AI software that supports radiologists' prostate MRI reading workflow with AI-driven segmentations of the prostate and suspicious ROI, integrated PSA density calculation and PI-RADS scoring support.  

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Quantib® Neurodegenerative

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The AI software that enables radiologists to monitor brain atrophy and track white matter hyperintensities development through single-time-point and longitudinal analyses that include the segmentation and volume quantification of brain structures and WMH.

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What customers say about us


Quantib® Prostate is much more helpful than I would have ever imagined given all the buzz about AI. But this buzz is real, this is trully a nice product.

Edward Steiner, MD | Medical Director and Section Chief at York/Wellspan Advanced Prostate Care Center, USA

Quantib® ND provides a comprehensive overview of imaging results and compares outcomes to a normative database, therefore it enhances the quality of care we can deliver to our patients.

John van Swieten | Professor Genetics of Dementia at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam