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Quantib® Prostate receives FDA clearance 

We are proud to announce our 6th FDA clearance for our AI radiology solution Quantib® Prostate.

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How can AI support radiologists even before they sit down to read a prostate MRI study?

by Arthur Post Uiterweer - CEO Quantib

There is a wide range of opportunities to improve the image-based diagnostic workflow even before the images are ready for reporting and reconstruction takes place. Specifically in the context of prostate MRI, what are the various value-adds that AI can offer? 



    We push advanced technology forward to make sure radiologists can spend their time in the best way possible. Our engineers go to great lengths to create user-friendly radiology software solutions for challenging image analyses issues.

The ultimate guide to AI in radiology

How does deep learning work? How do you implement AI into your daily practice? What are challenges for AI in radiology? Do you want to learn more?

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Blog post

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6 ways AI can support prostate MRI reporting

How can artificial intelligence can assist radiologists while reading prostate MRIs and help them become better and faster at this task with an increasing workload?

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QND 1.6 Sample report resources (1)

Quantib® ND Sample Report

After analysis Quantib® ND allows you to download an insightful report with a brief overview of quantified results, optional self-selected cross-sections and personal comments.

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How can AI support radiologists even before they sit down to read a prostate MRI study?

Sep 30, 2020 6:21:10 PM BY Arthur Post Uiterweer

Deep learning radiology: the secret of convolutional neural networks

Aug 20, 2020 4:15:00 PM BY Valerio Fortunati

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