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Dr. Steiner’s real-world validation study of Quantib® Prostate

Discover the takeaways from Dr.Steiner's real-world validation study performed at WellSpan with Quantib® Prostate, presented at RSNA 2022.

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AI in Radiology Solutions



Quantib® Prostate

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The FDA cleared and CE marked zero-footprint artificial intelligence-based software provides a workflow for the detection of abnormalities on MRI prostate scans.  

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Quantib® Neurodegenerative

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The FDA cleared and CE marked solution offers automated segmentation of brain structures and white matter hyperintensities.

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At Quantib, we are focused on improving patient care by bringing AI radiology solutions into clinical practice.

Started in 2012 as a spin-out from Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, Quantib now has AI partnerships with the three largest academic hospitals in the Netherlands and with hospitals and private providers internationally.

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The Ultimate Guide to AI in Prostate Cancer

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How does artificial intelligence work? What are promising AI applications in the prostate cancer pathway? Which solutions are available now?

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Artificial intelligence in neurology: promising research and proven applications

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What are current advancements in AI in neurology research? What are already proven applications, ready to implement in clinical practice?  

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What customers say about us


Quantib® Prostate is much more helpful than I would have ever imagined given all the buzz about AI. But this buzz is real, this is trully a nice product.

Edward Steiner, MD | Medical Director and Section Chief at York/Wellspan Advanced Prostate Care Center, USA

Quantib® Prostate helped me decrease my reporting times significantly, so I can get more cases done in a day. Additionally, the ease-of-use of Quantib® Prostate makes the software a joy to work with.

Martina Martins, MD | Uro-radiology specialist at Swiss International Prostate Center, Geneva

Quantib® ND clearly enables constructive multidisciplinary meetings by enabling efficient decision making. It provides a comprehensive overview of imaging results and compares outcomes to a normative database, therefore it enhances the quality of care we can deliver to our patients.

John van Swieten | Professor Genetics of Dementia at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

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