Rotterdam, The Netherlands, October 2nd, 2023 – Today marks an important day for our team as we say goodbye to Arthur Post Uiterweer, Quantib’s CEO, who has decided to pursue a new endeavor as of October 1st. 

Quantib’s story began in 2012 as an Erasmus MC spin-off. With Arthur as Chief Commercial Officer and then CEO, a growing team of energetic and purpose-driven people built state-of-the-art AI solutions for prostate and brain imaging, answered numerous research questions, and served customers in Europe and beyond.

Following RadNet’s acquisition of Quantib more than 1.5 years ago, we have entered a new phase of accelerated growth and organizational development. 

Arthur has decided that this is a natural moment to do what matters most to him and spend some quality time traveling around the world with his family, a wish he has had for a very long time. 

Nina Menezes will take over Arthur’s responsibilities regarding the prostate and neuro AI solutions Quantib offers. 

We want to thank Arthur for the time he spent helping Quantib become a company we are all proud of, and we wish him a wonderful trip.