Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Quantib, a market leader in artificial intelligence solutions for precision diagnosis, announced the significant upgrade of their AI software platform: Quantib® AI Node. This platform allows radiologists to use Quantib’s current and future algorithms, seamlessly integrated into their day-to-day workflow and has a class IIb CE marking under the new MDR laws and FDA clearance for clinical use in the United States.

Even though AI software and algorithms in healthcare have advanced tremendously in the past years, its integration into the clinical practice remains challenging. Therefore, providing quick and easy integration options to facilitate the clinical implementation of AI in hospitals and its adoption among physicians are of great importance to Quantib.

The 2.4 release of AI Node is an important landmark in the development of our AI software platform” Coert Metz said, the technical lead of this platform. “It gives the user more control over the workflow management and a smoother editing experience. Next to that, under the hood, it is completely future proof for more demanding upcoming Quantib product releases.”

The new upgrade of Quantib® AI Node to version 2.4.0 brings vast improvements to the User Interface of the platform: an advanced user experience that enables the seamless integration of Quantib’s AI solutions, Quantib® Prostate and Quantib® ND, into the radiology workflow.

About Quantib

Quantib’s AI radiology solutions enable faster and more accurate diagnosis by quickly identifying abnormalities, supporting adequate and timely patient care. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques, Quantib’s software advances the diagnostic pathway by providing FDA-cleared and CE marked solutions related to neurodegeneration and prostate cancer. All deployed through our Quantib® AI Node platform enabling seamless workflow integration and rapid regulatory clearance.