Jorrit Glastra

CTO / Deep learning lead

Jorrit decided to make an industry switch by joining Quantib in 2017, after holding several international engineering positions at Shell over 9 years. He now drives technical delivery and leads Quantib's deep learning efforts, where his engineering background and extensive experience with large scale modelling and numerical optimisation provides him with a solid basis to discuss technical details with R&D engineers. Combined with his experience with project planning and coordination and his eagerness to figure out how technology can help generate better patient outcomes, this makes him the ideal candidate for the CTO position at Quantib.

Outside of office hours he enjoys reading technical & business writing as well as literature, preferably several books in parallel using whatever he can find as a bookmark. He once needed to replace his driver's license at short notice before going on holiday because he thought he lost it only to find it back upon return in use as a bookmark.


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deep learning radiology and challenges in medical image processing

Deep learning radiology and challenges in medical image processing

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