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QPR 3.1 - PIRADS scoring step (product page)

Quantib® Prostate

Quantib® Prostate is an AI-driven solution that integrates essential prostate MRI reading features into one workflow making it easy for the user to read, assess and report each patient case from within the same software interface.


QPR 3.1 - report (product page)

Quantib® Prostate Report

Quantib® Prostate provides a comprehensive report including  volume, location as per PI-RADS regions, PI-RADS scoring and kinetic curves per lesion


QND thumbnail resource page

Quantib® ND 

Get a comprehensive overview of dementia diagnosis scales, and learn more about software-supported atrophy quantification and white matter hyperintensity detection.


QND 2.0 Sample report resources

Quantib® ND Report

Quantib® ND provides a comprehensive report including patient volumetry and reference data, self-selected cross-sections and personal comments. 


Quantib Brain

Quantib® Brain

Quantib® Brain provides white matter hyperintensity and brain tissue quantification. It offers a tool to objectively assess brain changes in longitudinal exams in neurodegenerative disease.


Sample Report

Quantib® Brain Report

Quantib® Brain allows you to download the examination results in a comprehensive report including self-selected cross-sections and personal comments.




Infographic - Urologists pain point thumbnail resource pageAI can minimize urologist's challenges associated with prostate MRI

These are the 3 key benefits urologists can enjoy from working with radiologists that use AI driven solutions for reading prostate MRIs. Check out and download our explanatory infographic!


The inconvenient truth about AI in healthcare

What are possible solutions to make AI fit with clinical reality? A 2019 Nature article discusses the logistic challenges of AI in healthcare and how to overcome them. Check out our explanatory infographic!


Infographic - Roadmap thumbnail resource page
Roadmap for foundational research on AI in medical imaging

Spring 2019 the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) published an article discussing the Roadmap for Foundational Research on Artificial Intelligence. Eager for a quick and easy overview? Check out our infographic!

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Thumbnail integration infographicAI radiology software integration 

This inforgraphic shows the integration options available for our AI solutions, Quantib® Prostate and Quantib® ND, through our product Quantib AI Node and how the solution, the platform and the server interact with each other.


Prostate MRI canvas - resource thumbnail

Prostate MRI "paint by numbers" canvas

We believe prostate MRI reading is an art and now you can create your own masterpiece with our prostate MRI "paint by numbers" canvas.  Download, paint and enjoy!

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Developments of AI in urology

AI developments in urology 

Read some of the most remarkable AI developments that have taken place in urology. Including AI developments in prostate cancer, bladders cancer or kidney diseases. 


Deep dive


Dive into the method behind the product

"Automatic Analysis of Brain Tissue and Structural Connectivity in MRI", Ph.D. thesis of Renske de Boer, written at Erasmus University Rotterdam, describes the starting point of our Quantib® Brain and Quantib® ND Plus products.

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