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The Future of AI in Radiology and Medical Imaging

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to grow as machine learning expands its capabilities into new industries. At ECR, Profesor Wiro Niessen from Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam, the Netherlands, addressed AI in the press conference.


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Medical Imaging Meets NIPS

Prof Wiro Niessen (PhD) explains his view on the rapid developments of deep learning for precision medicine in his lecture on "Biomedical Imaging and Genetic (BIG) Data Analytics in Dementia and Oncology".



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190508 - Video Wiro ESNR

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Neuroradiology

During ESNR 2019 Prof. Wiro Niessen shared his thoughts on the application of AI to the field of neuroradiology. Learn more about precision medicine, radiomics, and the linkage of genetic information to medical images.



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210720 - Almars presentation thumbnail (Masterclass AI in Radiology)

Quantib's solutions and views on market developments (Dutch)

On june 2021, Almar van Loon, Customer Success Director at Quantib presented our solutions and views on market developments at the Masterclass AI in radiology organized by Pinar Yilmaz, Maarten van de Weijer, Merel Huisman, Ayoub Charebili & team Siemens Healthineers.



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Prof Wiro Niessen

P1 wiro

Towards the responsible introduction of AI in clinical practice

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Prof Marion Smits


Enabling quantitative neuroradiology in the memory clinic with AI

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Prof Tim Leiner

P4 Tim

How AI can help with quantification in radiology?

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Prof Wiro Niessen

P4 Wiro

Key challenges for the successful and responsible introduction of AI in radiology

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Floor van Leeuwen, PhD

Floors webinar thumbnail

Learn about the standard regulatory process for AI healthcare software and its adaptation to fight Covid-19.

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Prof Cem Çalli 

210727 - Cem Callis webinar thumbnail

Nöroradyolojide Yapay Zeka | Quantib® ND ile kendi nöroloji vakalarını web seminerinde canlı bir şekilde sunacak ve tartışacaktır.

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