Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Quantib, a market leader in artificial intelligence solutions for radiology, released a significant upgrade of their AI-powered solution for brain atrophy and white matter hyperintensity progression: Quantib® ND 2.0. The solution has FDA clearance for clinical use in the US.

“With this upgrade, Quantib® ND will fit better in the radiologist’s workflow as a large part of the segmentations and quantifications are obtained automatically” shared Renske de Boer, product owner of Quantib® ND. “There is no need to switch workstations as the results are returned to PACS and can be inspected in any DICOM viewer. The semi-automatic WMH review only requires an internet browser” de Boer added.

Quantib ND 2.0 user interface

About Quantib® ND

Quantib® ND, leveraging the power of AI, provides accurate quantification of brain atrophy and white matter hyperintensities (WMHs) both related to diseases such as dementia and MS.

One product, four workflows

The software offers four different workflows, cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses for both brain atrophy and WMHs assessment.

Both the cross-sectional and the longitudinal brain atrophy analyses are fully automated, which will help cut down the time a radiologist needs to spend per case. These analyses include automated segmentation of brain structures, and reference centile curves of each of them, to enable the comparison of the patient’s brain volume to that of representative cross-section of the population.

Additionally, the cross-sectional analysis of WMHs is semi-automatic, giving the user full control to adjust and approve segmentations. In case of a follow-up exam, the software will then process a fully automated longitudinal WMH analysis to track progression.

The results will be returned to the PACS in 4 different reports (one per analysis) to improve readability and usability. Radiologists can also access the brain segmentations provided by the software directly on the PACS.

This upgrade of Quantib® ND is installed on our platform Quantib® AI Node and can be deployed on-site or in the cloud. Both options ensure protection of data and cybersecurity of your network. The upgrade includes:

  • Automatic atrophy analysis
  • Automatic longitudinal atrophy and longitudinal WMH analyses
  • Easy review and, if necessary, editing of WMH segmentation in an internet browser
  • Clear overview of quantitative results in a report per analysis
  • Segmentations in DICOM secondary capture format

"We’re proud to bring yet another upgrade to the market. With its new features and improved integration into the radiologist’s workflow, Quantib® ND 2.0 further addresses key customer needs. We are looking forward to rolling this out and hearing the feedback from our customers." Explained the COO, Quirine van Voorst.

About Quantib

Quantib’s AI radiology solutions enable faster and more accurate diagnosis by quickly identifying abnormalities, supporting adequate and timely patient care. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques, Quantib’s software advances the diagnostic pathway by providing FDA-cleared and CE marked solutions related to neurodegeneration and prostate cancer. All deployed through our Quantib® AI Node platform enabling seamless workflow integration and rapid regulatory clearance.