Automatic CTA image analysis to support treatment selection in acute stroke

About the project

Proper treatment selection in the acute phase of ischemic stroke can considerably improve patient outcome, as shown by recent studies. In the setting of acute stroke, treatment selection can be optimized using important information based on CTA imaging data. Currently this data is only assessed qualitatively, hence large opportunity for improving the use of CTA imaging data exists. Advanced decision support models that include accurate and objective quantification of CTA imaging biomarkers have the potential to greatly improve on current clinical practice. The ACCURATE project aims to develop and validate methods for the automated analysis of CTA data acquired in acute stroke phase. Additionally, the added value of such analyses for treatment selection support in the acute stroke stage will be determined within the scope of this project. 

The project is supported by the Nederlandse Hartstichting

Project partners: dr. T. van Walsum (PI; Erasmus MC), dr. Valerio Fortunati (Quantib), dr. Taygun Kekec, Prof. Wiro Niessen, Prof. Aad van der Lugt

Quantib's role in the ACCURATE project

The role of Quantib is to provide the software infrastructure to evaluate innovative algorithms in a clinical scenario. Additionally, Quantib provides a dedicated platform in which the algorithms can be integrated and deployed at any clinical site for evaluation and feedback. Moreover, Quantib delivers support in software development to increase robustness and performance.

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Quantib® Brain

Quantib® Brain provides white matter hyperintensity and brain tissue quantification. It offers a tool to objectively assess brain changes in longitudinal exams in neurodegenerative disease.

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Sample Report

Quantib® Brain Report

Quantib® Brain allows you to download the examination results in a comprehensive report including self-selected cross-sections and personal comments.

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